About Us


Hello! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to stop by and visit our small shop! For The Love of Krazy K was started in Spring of 2019, by myself, Stephanie Cappiello. I started this shop after I realized the love my daughter, Kazzlynn, had for all things entirely girly. So, we started this shop to fuel that obsession and passion! Kazzlynn often sits beside me while I'm working, creating her own little bead masterpieces - she is- in almost all aspects- my boss! I'm sure you other girl Momma's can relate lol! Besides Kazzlynn, I have a son - Kallen- and a baby girl due in February of 2020!

We are bringing you handmade jewelry designs, in the form of bubblegum beads and other fun things! I take pride in the quality of items I'm sending out, and I strive to send you all only the best! I appreciate and LOVE all of our customers and supporters, and we are truly blessed to be a part of the small shop community!

Welcome to my krazy little circle!

xoxo- Stephanie.


To contact the shop with any questions or concerns- please email us at