About Us


Hello! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to stop by and visit our small shop! For The Love of Krazy K was started in Spring of 2019, by myself, Stephanie Cappiello. I started this shop after I realized the love my daughter, Kazzlynn, had for all things entirely girly. So, we started this shop to fuel that obsession and passion! Kazzlynn would often sit beside me while I was working, creating her own little bead masterpieces - she is- in almost all aspects- my boss! I'm sure you other girl Momma's can relate lol! 

Since starting krazy k, I have added another little girl- kalliope- to our Krazy krew.  So now I have two little girl bosses who like to sit with me while I work on orders! 

I take pride in bringing you the most original, beautiful designs and I LOVE the thought of bringing some form of joy to other little babes out there!  I take pride in the quality of items I'm sending out, and I strive to send you all only the best! I appreciate and LOVE all of our customers and supporters, and we are truly blessed to be a part of the small shop community!

Welcome to my krazy little circle!




xoxo- Stephanie.


To contact the shop with any questions or concerns- please email us at